EquiLearn Focus Sessions are annual invitational experiences for individuals engaged in systemic equity partnerships with the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center). The 2017 EquiLearn Focus Session aligns with the MAP Center's annual theme of Ensuring All Students Succeed, Equity At Every Level. The experience will provide participants with learning experiences, tools, resources, and one on one consultative supports related to facilitating critical conversations about inequities based on race, national origin, sex, religion and at the intersection of socio-economic status. This year, the Center is hosting four Focus Sessions, one in each of its new state cadres; click on your cadre above to access more information about the Focus Session in your area.
  • Discuss one’s role and responsibility in convening conversations about inequities when engaging in school/district improvement efforts.
  • Reflect on one's multiple identities and the implications of one’s positionality for leading conversations about equity.
  • Examine and apply key practices in engaging and leading conversations about inequity.
  • Practice anticipating, understanding, reframing and engaging in constructive critique and correction of problematic discourse and paradigms (e.g., deficit thinking).
  • Plan immediate steps for initiating conversations about equity.