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Inequities Faced by Students Receiving Special Education Services and Charter Schools: A Focus on Black and Latinx Students 
 Dr. Waitoller
DATE: September 20, 2017
TIME: 3:30-4:30 pm (EST)
           2:30-3:30 pm (CST)
           1:30-2:30 pm (MT)
AUDIENCE: K-12 Educators, Stakeholders
EXPERIENCE: Novice to Intermediate
Virtual Roundtables are an opportunity to really engage in an active conversation with an equity fellow and create a conversation around important equity issues. In this virtual roundtable discussion and interactive conversation, Dr. Federico Waitoller will facilitate a conversation with participants about students receiving special education services in charter schools, focusing on the experiences of black and Latinx students. During this roundtable, Dr. Waitoller will showcase Black and Latinx Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools: A Summary of the Research, a fact sheet that summarizes the emerging research examining special education services in United States charter schools, with a particular focus on Black and Latinx students with disabilities. Registered participants will be able to access this fact sheet ahead of the event.
This virtual roundtable provides a unique opportunity to engage with Dr. Waitoller and fellow participants in dynamic conversations about critical equity concerns related to the education of students of color receiving special education supports in charter school settings in this interactive virtual setting. In addition, Dr. Waitoller will moderate a truly engaging discussion on how to better serve students of color receiving special education amid school choice reform.
Our virtual roundtables capture your attention and engage you in a quick hour of conversation with an expert and individuals you might never otherwise meet, creating a truly unique and customized educational experience for people like you who care about special education, charter schools, and implications for students of color.
Our goal for you is to enable you to have passionate, evidence-informed debates about charter schools and special education students of color, to reflect and dig deep into district and state charter school policies, and to have an informed opinion on how to improve state and district charter schools policies in their respective educational contexts.
Every perspective matters in this lively debate and discussion, and we encourage you to let your perspective be known at this special event that is all our own. What will you bring to the table?